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Getting a Divorce

Getting Divorced

There is nothing easy about divorce. Besides the emotional aspect of divorce, there is a financial side that you must be aware of as well. Use our resources to get your information about the process and about child support, property division and other topics.

Bankruptcy Resources

Bankruptcy can affect anyone and can be as much about bad luck as it may be about poor planning. Don't take bankruptcy and insolvency lightly. These issues can follow you for the rest of your life.

Caring for an Aging Relative

Make sure you are prepared for when you must start caring for an aging relative. Find Elder Law information here.
Marriage and Cohabitation

Marriage and Cohabitation

Marriage or Cohabitation are big steps to take. Make sure you're prepared by reading our articles
Writing a Will

Preparing a Will

Make sure your will reflects your will
Introduction to Canadian Law

Introduction to Canadian Law

Learn about the law in Canada. Get started today.
Buying a Home in Canada

Buying a Home

Closing the sale without losing your mind
Starting a Canadian Business

Starting a Business

It pays to know your business
Stopped for Impaired Driving

Charged with Impaired Driving

Get the sobering facts about your options
Canadian Immigration Law

Immigrating to Canada

What you need to know besides the national anthem
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