Divorce in New Brunswick

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The Government of New Brunswick has a website that covers frequently asked questions about separation and divorce in the province. The site covers the differences between separation and divorce, who can apply for divorce, what are the grounds for divorce, where can you get a copy of your divorce certificate in New Brunswick, what is considered marital property, and what if you were living common law as well as issues related to child support.

You can go to http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/services/services_renderer.656.html if you are looking for information on divorce court fees in New Brunswick or where to order a divorce certificate.

Another useful resource is the Public legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick. It provides an overview of family law, separation and divorce, self help guides and forms related to family law in the province. The separation and divorce section covers issues such as legal aid, family mediation services, child support, spousal support, and rights and responsibilities for when couples separate. In New Brunswick as in other parts of Canada, both people do not have to agree to the separation. When one person leaves a relationship with the intention of ending the relationship, the couple is then separated, whether the other person wants to be separated or not.

If you are getting divorced in New Brunswick and need a lawyer, visit http://www.canadian-lawyers.ca/cl/Divorce/New-Brunswick/browse-by-city.html.

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