Divorce in Quebec

In Quebec, the government website contains information related to divorce. The requirements for divorce follow the guidelines for the rest of the country:

If you and your spouse are married, a divorce brings your marriage to a definitive end. In addition, it cancels your marriage contract.

An application for divorce must state the reason for the breakdown of the marriage. A marriage is considered to have broken down

  • if one of the grounds prescribed by law (adultery, physical or mental cruelty) is shown.
  • if the spouses have been living apart for at least one year.
  • The “Divorce: legal considerations and consequences” page lists information specific to obtaining a divorce in Quebec, including rates and processing time.

    The site also outlines getting a certificate of divorce. A certificate of divorce is a court document attesting that a divorce has been granted on a specific date. It is provided at the same time as the judgment granting the divorce. The certificate is often used to prove a person's civil status.

    The Justice Quebec website shows how to obtain a joint application for divorce after making a draft agreement.

    When you need to contact a divorce lawyer or law firm in Quebec, be sure to visit http://www.canadian-lawyers.ca/cl/Divorce/Quebec/browse-by-city.html

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