Suggested Legal Books

Finding information about Canadian law can be difficult.  Using the internet is a good first start, but determining if the information being presented is reliable and timely is often a hard process.  LexisNexis legal books and resources are recognized and highly regarded by legal professionals in Canada and abroad.

If you are looking for specific information for your legal issue or just interested in the law, review our list of recommended reading. These publications are only for reference and don't necessarily replace the need for a lawyer. They are for informational purposes only.

Aboriginal Law

Legal Aspects of Aboriginal Business Development

Modern First Nations Legislation Annotated, 2010 Edition

Advertising, Marketing and Competition Law

Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada, 3rd Edition

Competition Act & Commentary, 2010 Edition

Competition and Antitrust Law - Canada and the United States, 3rd Edition

Law's Expression – Communication, Law and Media in Canada

Banking Law

Financial Institutions – The Regulatory Framework

Asset Based Lending in Canada – Canadian Primer on Asset Based Financing

Canadian Securities Regulation, 4th Edition

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

BIA, CCAA & WEPPA: A Guide to the New Bankruptcy & Insolvency Regime

Personal Property Security Law in British Columbia

Creditors’ Remedies in Ontario, 2nd Edition

Canadian Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law - Bill C-55, Statute c.47 and Beyond

Business Law

Sale and Supply of Goods, 2nd Edition

British Columbia Business Corporations Act & Commentary, 2010 Edition

Competition Act & Commentary, 2010 Edition

Nova Scotia Companies Act & Commentary, 2010 Edition

Ontario Business Corporations Act & Commentary, 2009/2010 Edition

Canada Business Corporations Act & Commentary, 2009/2010 Edition

Extra-provincial Corporate Registrations in Canada, 2009 Edition

Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada – Business Corporations I and Business Corporations II

A Guide to Business Law in Asia

Sale of a Business, 7th Edition

Canadian Franchise Law Handbook

Start-Up and Growth Companies in Canada: A Guide to Legal and Business Practice

Computer and Information Technology Law

E-mail Law

Le droit des technologies de l’information au Québec

Web Law - Agreements, Guidelines and Use Policies

Video Game Law

Fundamentals of Information Technology

A Guide to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2008 Edition


Constitutional, Government and Human Rights Law

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms after Twenty-Five Years

Official Languages of Canada, New Essays

A Living Tree: The Legacy of 1982 in Canada’s Political Evolution

Canadian Human Rights Law & Commentary

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 4th Edition/ Charte canadienne des droits et libertés, 4e édition

Modern Constitutionalism: Equality, Identity and Democracy

Construction Law

Construction Law in Canada

Annotated Ontario Building Code Act, 2010 Edition

Bidding and Tendering – What is the Law? 4th Edition

The Canadian Construction Law Dictionary (Judicially Considered)

Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook

Consumer Protection and Product Liability Law

A Guide to the Ontario Consumer Protection Act, 2010 Edition

Consumer Protection Online

Product Liability Law in Canada

Contract Law

Sale and Supply of Goods, 2nd Edition

Canadian Agency Law

Introduction to Contracts

Introduction to the Canadian Law of Torts

Criminal Law

Annotated Firearms Act & Related Legislation, 2010 Edition

Canadian Youth and the Criminal Law – One Hundred Years of Youth Justice Legislation in Canada

Manning, Mewett & Sankoff – Criminal Law, 4th Edition- Student Edition

A Guide to Canadian Money Laundering Legislation, 2009 Edition

Impaired Driving in Canada, 2009 Edition

The Law on Speeding and Speed Detection Devices, 3rd Edition

Privacy, Crime and Terror - Legal Rights and Security in a Time of Peril

Labour & Employment Law

The Law of Employee Monitoring in Canada

Ontario Employment Law Handbook – An Employer’s Guide, 9th Edition

British Columbia Employment Law Handbook, 2nd Edition

Alcohol and Drugs in the Canadian Workplace -
An Employer’s Guide to the Law, Prevention, and Management of Substance Abuse

Entertainment and Sports Law

The Law of Hockey

Estates, Wills and Trusts

The Trusted Advisor's Survival Kit

The Business in Transition - Making the Succession Plan Work

Immigration Law

Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada – Immigration and Citizenship

Insurance Law

Ontario Motor Vehicle Insurance Law & Commentary, 2010 Edition

Ontario Insurance Law & Commentary, 2009/2010 Edition

Alberta Insurance Law & Commentary, 2009 Edition

General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law

Introduction to Canadian Insurance Law, 2nd Edition

Disability Claims Management, 2nd Edition

A Guide to Effective Insurance, 2nd Edition

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Legislation & Commentary, 2010/2011 Edition

Patent Legislation & Commentary, 2010/2011 Edition

Trade-marks Act & Commentary, 2010/2011 Edition

Biotechnology IP & Ethics

Ramsay on Technology Transfers and Licensing, 2nd Edition

Real Estate Law

Title Searching and Conveyancing in Ontario, 6th Edition

Ontario Landlord & Tenant Law Practice, 2010 Edition

Residential Tenancies in Ontario, 2nd Edition

An Introduction to Real Property Law, 5th Edition

How to Win at the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal

The Canadian Law of Mortgages of Land

Tax Law

Canadian Income Tax Law, 3rd Edition

Transfer Pricing – The Basics from a Canadian Perspective

Maximizing Corporate Tax Incentives for Scientific Research and Experimental Development

The Canada - India Tax Treaty - Text and Commentary

International Taxation in Canada: Principles and Practices

The Canada-U.K. Tax Treaty - Text and Commentary

The Canada-U.S. Tax Treaty - Text and Commentary

A Practical Guide to Auditing and Related Terms

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