Divorce in Alberta

Alberta Divorce Legal directory providing trusted research and links to Calgary and Edmonton lawyers practicing Divorce, Separation, Matrimonial Property, Spousal Maintenance and Family Law.

If you are contemplating, or in the process of, obtaining a divorce, the Government of Alberta has a website with helpful information and resources about the legal process of divorce. There are also links to counseling and support resources available in Alberta to help you through the process of separation and divorce so that you can know more about what is expected should you require legal help. Key topics covered are: mediation, if you and your spouse are having difficulty finding common ground on issues such as child custody and division of assets; filing divorce papers, obtaining a divorce certificate; child support; and, child custody and access, as well as other resources.

Another resource is “A Guide to the Law in Alberta Regarding Divorce”, put together by the Student Legal Services of Edmonton.

If you need to find a lawyer in Alberta to help you with your divorce or issues of child custody or support payments, go to http://www.canadian-lawyers.ca/cl/Divorce/Alberta/browse-by-city.html.

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