Integrated Circuit Topography in Canada

Etienne de Villiers and Sangeetha Punniyamoorthy for The Lawyers Weekly

The Canadian Integrated Circuit Topography Act protects the original design of a registered topography, whether it has been embodied in an integrated circuit product or not. A topography will be original if it is developed through intellectual effort, and is not produced by mere reproduction of all or a substantial part of another topography.

Owners of registered topographies have the right to exclude others from reproducing the same topography or any substantial part of it for up to ten years from the year the application was filed. In Canada, the application must be made within 2 years of commercial use of the topography.

This is a general overview of the various types of intellectual property protection in Canada. Please contact a qualified intellectual property lawyer to obtain legal advice.

Etienne de Villiers and Sangeetha Punniyamoorthy are barristers and solicitors with the firm Dimock Stratton LLP.

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