Intellectual Property Protection in Canada

Etienne de Villiers and Sangeetha Punniyamoorthy for The Lawyers Weekly

There are seven areas of intellectual property law in Canada: patents, copyright, trade-marks, trade-secrets, industrial designs, plant breeders rights, and integrated circuit topography.

A product may be composed of more than one type of intellectual property. For instance a computer product, such as a router, may contain a microprocessor with registered integrated circuit topography. The operation of the router may be patented while the computer code run on the microprocessor is protected by copyright. In Canada, the case of the router could be the subject of an industrial design, while the logo imprinted on the cover is a registered trade-mark.

This is a general overview of the various types of intellectual property protection in Canada. Please contact a qualified intellectual property lawyer to obtain legal advice.

Etienne de Villiers and Sangeetha Punniyamoorthy are barristers and solicitors with the firm Dimock Stratton LLP.

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