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Find A Lawyer

Use this area to find a law office by AREA OF LAW, LAWYER OR LAW FIRM NAME, CITY, PROVINCE or TERRITORY and COUNTRY. You are required to enter either an Area of Law, Name, City or Province/Territory.

To search for a specific lawyer or firm by NAME, simply enter the name in the text box and hit "GO."

To search by area of law, you can either type the area or legal issue into the search box or select from a list of common practice areas by clicking the "choose from a list" above the search box.

Choosing from a list allows you to select up to nine areas of law for searching. Searching multiple areas of law will return lawyers who practice in all the areas of law you selected.

Type in an Area of Law of Lawyer or Firm Name or Select Area of Law (Optional)
Enter your legal term or select from a list.

If you know the name of the lawyer or law firm you are looking for, you can enter it here.

If you are unsure of the area of law and would like to browse a list of the most common areas, you can click the link to the right of the search box and select up to nine areas.

Example: Entering or Selecting Family Law will provide a list of firms that might deal with one or more of the following areas:

    Enter CITY (Optional)

    Narrow your search by entering the CITY where you wish to locate a law office.

    Select PROVINCE or TERRITORY (Optional)

    Select a PROVINCE or TERRITORY from the drop-down menu.


    After determining your desired criteria, select "GO" or hit the enter key. The system displays a list of the lawyers and firms that match your criteria. You may then browse through those listings, narrow your search using the criteria on the left of the results page or edit your search and resubmit it.

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    Search Site

    Located in the upper right hand corner throughout the site is the Site Search area. Using this search box will search all areas of, including law and law firm listings, articles, tips and more. Enter a term, for example "tort," and select SEARCH. Browse the list of matching lawyers, articles etc. You can also choose from the drop down to search a specific area of the site

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    General Help

    Martindale-Hubbell has provided a variety of features in that will educate you on various legal matters. Whether you are just curious about the law or you need to hire a lawyer immediately, you can be confident that will inform you about the legal resources that are available.

    Navigation throughout the site is available at the top of each page. Each button represents a main section of the site. Once in a specific section, using the side navigation buttons will toggle between areas within that section.

    There are three main sections of Find A Lawyer, Understand Your Legal Issues and Legal Help and Resources. Here are general descriptions of the main site sections and their sub-sections:

    Find a Lawyer

    Use this section to search our comprehensive database of over 1 million lawyers and law firms. Here, you can use our simple search, Browse for a Lawyer by Geography, Browse for a Lawyer by Area of Law, or connect with multiple lawyerss at once using the Martindale-Hubbell MyLawyers service.

    Understand Your Legal Issue

    The Understand Your Legal Issue section of brings together valuable content about legal issues and is organized by both area of law and life event. You can also access information pertinent to your specific province or territory. Information included in this section includes articles, checklists, and access to legal issues currently in the news.

    Legal Help & Resources

    The Legal Help & Resources section contains access to information about our court system, information specific to a given province and territory, access to the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Federal and Provincial Government Agencies and Ministries of Justice. In addition to this information, you can access Do-It-Yourself legal forms through our Legal Document Service powered by
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